Computer Hardware

PC health check

Computer needs regular maintenance and we can provide your PC a monthly health check so it will increase the performance of your computer. Our technician will clean build-up of old files, remove unwanted software, install new windows update, clean virus and spyware, completely clean your hardware and much more.

Hardware installation services

If you have got a new PC, or printer or any peripheral device, we can install them for you. Our technician will install at your home or office and test them to your satisfaction.

Software installation services

If you have purchased new software for your PC and you’re not sure how to install, we can install them for you. Whatever software you have, we can put it on your hard drive and install the latest software.

Repair and upgrades

As part of our service we will repair your computer on-site where possible or at our repair centre. Your computer may not be broken but your PC may be very slow or freezes regularly. We can make changes to optimise your computer’s performance. Memory upgrade to desktops and servers will significantly improve your computer system and also reduce caching.

Virus removal

Have you notice your computer running slow? Have you experienced pop ups or errors to access your favourite websites? These are all symptoms of viruses, malicious software or other malware. We can remove these threats, install and configure antivirus software. We can take full backup of your system and reinstall them. Further, we give comprehensive advice on how to avoid viruses, malicious software and malware infections.

System recovery

We all store lots of official as well as personal information and believe it will be always there. It is essential to backup these important documents and we can help you retrieve lost or deleted files. We can move your files quickly and securely. Also we recommend a reliable and secure backup solution.


Is your computer acting strangely? Applications crashing? We have lots of resources and tools at our disposal to diagnose and repair computer error such as windows error, applications errors etc.

Computer and Laptop Sales

We sales different brands computer and laptops in Nepal.