Web Designing

Designing or Creating a website requires a lot of planning and preparation. The more pre-planning work you do, the easier is it to organize the bits and pieces. If things are not planned there are chances that things may not be organized as the way it should be. We have clients coming to us after doing good amount of brainstorming on the web. They have done plenty of research to the point that they completely understand why they want a website and what they want it to be looking like.

These clients are uncommon though. Most know they want a website. Different departments may have different ideas but, they don’t really know what the website can do for them and haven’t really researched the standards for design and functionality in their field. Some website designing firms only like the first type of client. It is easier to satisfy someone who clearly understands what he or she wants. However, SMART TECH NEPAL  is excited when we get the opportunity to help a company not having a internet presence to mould them to the web based world. We have worked with a lot of clients who were novice in this world of web designing, by guiding them with the do’s and don’ts of the web-world. Explaining them business practices and then suggesting them an appropriate solution for their website.

Website designs need a well planned prepared and in a proper layout format--- all important for maintaining navigation and understandability to the entire site. Web design is the basic foundation of any site. Web designing is an art of the designers. An attractive website depends on the designed template, Flash, Graphics used in them. it creates a structural layout of any given site.

There is old saying that “First impression is the last impression” So We venture that your website gives the best impact to any viewer and ensure to our clients such eye catching web design which meet their desire list.

Our Company offer services like designing, redesigning, custom designing maintenance and development of website.