PPE (Personal protective equipment) Set in Nepal

PPE (Personal protective equipment) Set in Nepal

PPE Set at 3500 only
PPE Suit with Shoe Cover 2500 only.
PPE set can be autoclaved.


Our complete set of PPEs is on board per day we can supply only 100-200 piece. We prefer Doctors and Health personnel first.

यदि तपाई स्थानीय तह , गे.स.स, NGO, Hospital या अन्य येस्तै संस्थानमा कार्यरत हुनुहुन्छ र आफ्नो तथा आफ्नो कर्मचारी, साथिहरु को स्वास्थ्यताको लागि सजक र चिन्तित हुनुन्छ भने हामीलाई सम्झनुहोस !

सहि मूल्य र सुरक्षालाई बिशेष ध्यानमा राखेर हामीले बजारमा ल्याएको छौ यो बिशेष PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Set.

PPE Set includes:
1. PPE Suit with shoe cover
2.Surgical mask 5 pcs
3.Sterilize gloves 1 pc
4. Nitrile gloves 2 pcs
5.Bouffant Cap 1 pcs
6.Goggles 1 pcs
7. Hand Sanitizer 50ml 1pcs
Price 3500 excluding VAT.

Delivery: (उपत्यका भित्र), उपत्यका बाहिर र थप जानकारी को लागि हामिलाई यस नम्बरहरुमा सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस!

हाम्रो सम्पर्क : 9851243083/9849655374
Take care and stay safe.
Thank you.

The purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering controls and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels. PPE is needed when there are hazards present. PPE has the serious limitation that it does not eliminate the hazard at the source and may result in employees being exposed to the hazard if the equipment fails.

Please note that while we have done our best to make it as impermeable as possible, these suits are not medical grade, but still can be used by other hospital workers and staff who don’t necessarily come in direct contact with patients.