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"Empowering Growth through Tech and Vision."

Smart Tech Nepal, based in the vibrant heart of Kathmandu, specializes in cutting-edge software and app development, GIS mapping, ICT research, and creative graphic design. Our dedicated team thrives on delivering innovative solutions, ensuring seamless digital experiences and data-driven insights that empower businesses and organizations across Nepal and beyond.

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    Smart Tech Nepal Pvt Ltd.

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    Web App Devlopment, GIS Mapping, Products & many more.


Our Features

Software & Apps Development
"Crafting innovative software solutions and mobile apps."
GIS Mapping & Analysis
"Unlocking insights with precise GIS mapping and analysis."
ICT & Digital Development Research
"Driving progress through ICT and digital development research."
Data Collection & Visualization
"Transforming data into actionable insights with seamless collection and visualization."
Training & Capacity building (GIS and Web GIS)
"Elevate your skills with expert GIS and Web GIS training."
Creative Graphic Design
"Bringing your ideas to life through creative graphic design."

Our Services

Digital Profile

"Empowering Communities with GIS Mapping and Data Analysis"

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Hamro Palika

"Hamro Palika: Empowering Citizens Through Accessible, Efficient, Transparent Governance Solutions"

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Yojana Mgnt. System

Yojana Management System: Transforming local government planning in Nepal

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Digital Dartasifaris System

Simplifying document management for Nepal's local governments.

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Nyayik Samiti Software

Nyayik Samiti Software: Enhancing Legal Procedures for Improved Justice Delivery

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GIS Digital Village Profile

"Unlocking Village Insights: GIS-Based Digital Village Profile"

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Collaboration with more than 300 organizations


Local level actions


Works under Government of Nepal



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HamroPalika : Empowering Local Governance in Nepal

"Hamro Palika" is an all-encompassing mobile app dedicated to bolstering local governance in Nepal. This user-friendly platform offers residents and officials access to a wide spectrum of localized services and information. With geolocation services, multi-lingual accessibility, and a robust feedback mechanism, it simplifies everything from reporting issues to making online payments, promoting transparency, public engagement, and accessibility. The app ensures stringent data security, transparent budget management, and public participation tools while also featuring offline functionality, capacity-building resources, and integrated national systems. Its accessibility for differently-abled individuals, disaster preparedness and early warning systems, and environmental conservation initiatives make it an essential resource. Regular updates and scalability ensure the app remains relevant and adaptable to the evolving needs of local governments.

Local level
Sundarharaicha Nagarpalika

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