Digital Municipal Profile

Multiple citizen services can be offered by a digital municipality through a single interface.

Darta-sifaris System

Dartasifaris software assists in working on templates to run applications that are effective and efficient.

Yojana Management System

Planning inside the municipal office is a demanding task that our program eliminates.

Nyayik Samiti/Mamila Software

This system works on a template to operate applications which can be effective and efficient with additional features like recording, analyzing and concluding any kind of dispute.

Digital Public Profile

Citizen personal details Specified group Analysis details Municipal news/notices Integrated bulk SMS system Many more collective information for citizens


Make your attendance system more accurate and computerized. It comes with software which are designed for Nepal working systems especially government.

TAX Payment Management System

The purpose of this note is to encourage an appropriate level of accountability in electronic payment
systems in a manner consistent with historical precedent so that taxpayers can continue to rely on data.

Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panel is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help teachers build a healthy and engaging learning environment. Not only does this device come with the Air Quality Sensor, Germ-Resistant Screen and Eye-Care solution

Smart Citizen Charter

An instructive interactive  touch terminal is a computer terminal with specific hardware and software that allows users to access information and Citizen-Charter for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.

Smart Kharipati

Multi-purpose: -This electronic LCD writing tablet is suitable for all ages and all purposes. No matter it’s for children to use at home, playing outside, even for adults taking Notes, doing calculation at work., a fridge white board, a memo board, a writing pad, a letter board, notepad, you name it

Smart Notebook (Diary)

We have a Smart Notebook which has many more advanced features than regular diaries/notebook.5000 MAh Power bank, 32 GB pen drive, Visiting/Personal Cardholder, Certificate holder, Waterproof cover,Replaceable papers etc.

Mobile Apps

Highly Functional mobile applications with back-end and friendly user interface designed as per the customers requirement and instructions.